Read on to learn about the best animal print pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, and exactly how to nail the look every time.

Animal print is a neutral, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE

I have always had a soft spot (ha!) for animal print anything, but my love truly began with a pair of leopard flats from Henri Bendel. They were printed haircalf, and worked with any outfit. I have worn them so much over the years, the haircalf is rubbing off in quite a few places. I just don’t have the strength to part with them so they sit in my closet (if you didn’t know, Bendel’s closed its doors last year after 123 years of business).

I recently shopped for new leopard flats, since mine are 100% out of commission, and it made me realize two things: animal print is practically everywhere you look, and I have QUITE a bit of it. Today I’m sharing some of the animal print I own, to demonstrate 1) how to incorporate animal print into your everyday life and 2) that, despite sometimes being ‘loud’, animal print is a neutral (if printed in neutral tones and not a hot pink or lime green, of course). Sadly, some of the pieces I have are no longer available, but I am linking some wonderful options, available now, for you to check out!

Starting from top left moving to top middle, and so on: Altazurra for Target Snakeskin Blouse, Cole Haan Ryan Cheetah Mule, Henri Bendel A-List Flap Satchel in Embossed Snake, Cole Haan Jaguar Brie Skimmer, Wild Fable Snake Print Midi Skirt, Clare V. Leopard Foldover Clutch, Sonix Tortoise iPhone Case, Banana Republic Leopard Faux Fur Bomber Jacket, Corkcicle Luxe Leopard Canteen

Here are some purrfect (had to) animal print options I came across that I feel obligated to share, because they’re that good:

A few pointers when incorporating animal print into your wardrobe:

  • KEEP IT CLASSY | Don’t choose anything too short, low-cut, etc. – even if you mean well, even the simplest of silhouettes goes scandalous really quickly in animal print.
  • DON’T OVERDO IT | One animal print garment in an outfit is enough. If you have a snakeskin dress on, wear a solid shoe. If you have a leopard top on, for goodness’ sake don’t wear printed bottoms, animal or otherwise (unless it’s a matching pajama or undergarment set, in which case, go for it).
  • ROCK IT | Animal print is first and foremost FUN. My leopard shoes are a ‘power’ shoe for me – I feel confident when I’m wearing them. Find yourself a ‘power’ piece, and wear it to your next big meeting or first date!

I feel the only way to end this blog post is with a picture of my beloved Henri Bendel flats, since they played such a big part in my wardrobe for so many years. Do you have any favorite animal print pieces or products? I’d love to hear about them all!

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