I have been making this tasty salad for quite some time, producing in very little time a few day’s worth of lunch & dinner (can you say meal-prep?), or a meal for a crowd. This recipe is not only simple to follow, but uses all kinds of fresh veg and pantry items you might already have on hand! The recipe for Cool Couscous Salad came from the one and only Sandra Lee. Her recipe is quite yummy, especially if you like mint, but I made a few changes over time and love the version I ended up with.

As mentioned, my recipe does differ from Sandra Lee’s. I use cilantro instead of mint, more artichoke hearts, all of a rotisserie chicken (not just the breast), and opt to not create the ‘dressing’ because I discovered, having made this so many times, that I like a drier consistency. I also don’t always follow the exact process outlined above, and usually use the same pot for combining all the ingredients as I do for cooking the couscous. Do as I say, not as I do. Or better yet, find the process that works best for you (bonus points if you eliminate some dishes along the way)!

There really isn’t a hard part about this recipe, but removing the meat from the chicken does get messy. That said, in my experience rotisserie chicken is juicy and flavorful, which only improves the salad overall so it’s worth the cleanup. I leave salt + pepper to the end because the artichokes, couscous and chicken are all already seasoned. Season with a light hand, because no one wants an over-salted or over-peppered (anything) couscous salad.

I also LOVE this salad cold! You can certainly time it to serve while the couscous is still warm, or reheat later, but there’s something extra refreshing about it served chilled. Maybe it’s the cucumber. Whatever the case may be, this recipe yields enough to feed several mouths or to cover you for a few days worth of lunch and dinner.

What are your favorite summer dishes?

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