I have always been envious of women who can pull off baseball caps, but felt they weren’t “me”. Enter my love for Panama and fedora style hats. The beauty of these hats is that they not only transform a bad hair day, but also take a good hair day to boho goddess status, and who doesn’t want that. With the right outfit, you can pull off these hats in any season, and I’m here to tell you how.

As cliche as it may sound, to me Spring evokes shades of white and cream, and pastels, so naturally I look for hats like the Faye in lavender and the Alden in taupe for the springtime. It’s a bonus when they have details as gorgeous as that buckle! Use pastels as a pop of color for a neutral outfit, or as a finishing touch for a monochrome outfit. And no matter the season, having a light neutral hat on hand is a rule of thumb (if you’re the hat type, of course).

Summer is the only time of year I like a good woven straw hat, and I still prefer for them to be as refined as possible to avoid looking like a scarecrow. While an open straw weave allows for air to flow through during the hotter months, it also lends a particularly easy-breezy, island feel to any outfit. Try a fun pattern or color with a simple maxi or t-shirt + cut-off shorts. Traveling and want to take a hat on your trip? Packing tip: surround and stuff your hat with soft things like clothing, socks, pajamas, etc. to avoid smushing it!

Try as I might, I can’t get away from Fall and Winter colors no matter the time of year. Catch me in March, and I’m probably still reaching for earth and jewel tones. So it goes without saying that the majority of the hats I own are best worn once the temperatures start dropping. Mauve and blush tones are often my fashion go-to’s in the Fall and Winter, so the Panama hat with cute ribbon detail is a home run for me. Also, a fedora in a warm cream with camel whipstitching is literally Fall in a hat, don’t you agree? Find hats that go with your sweater and coat wardrobe to elevate your look for any outing.

When it comes to hats in the Winter, they serve more than one purpose: completing an outfit, yes, but also keeping that noggin warm! Which means they should be a no-brainer in the colder (coldest) months. I reach for darker tones like black and charcoal, or Winter lights like white and grey, to add drama to already chic outfits. Also, scarves + hats are tied with sunglasses + hats for best accessory duo, so make sure to partner your favorite hat with a scarf for added warmth.

Are you a hat person? What’s your favorite style?

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