I know what you’re thinking.. Look at those ears!


Dogs have been a *wonderful* part of most of my life. My life changed tremendously twice in the span of a few weeks: the first was when my boyfriend said “I think I want a dog..” and the second was when we took a drive to meet an abandoned pup discovered by one of his high school friends in a foreclosed house. That was 4 years ago, and from that day on, through the good, bad and ugly, we’ve been forever grateful we found Enzo (and he found us).

Also from that day on, we have spoiled that dog enough for several lifetimes. I think (know) it’s because neither of us can imagine what kind of human can sleep at night knowing they left an animal to fend for themselves, locked in a closet. You would think we had aggression to contend with, having gone 3 weeks without food or water, or any kind of loving care, but Enzo is one of (I’ll say ‘one of’ so as to not come across as the biased dog mom that I am) the sweetest dogs I have ever encountered. What we DO deal with, is endless energy and a WHOLE LOT of bed hogging. We’re still working on personal space. Speaking of beds, we have 3 dog beds for Enzo strewn around the house, but he’ll still choose a cat bed. So we also have 2 cat beds for him, used much like sleeping bags so he can be close to us wherever we are in the house, or elsewhere.

From left, clockwise: Natural Balance Buffalo & Sweet Potatoes Formula Grain-Free Canned Dog Food, Rachael Ray Roasted Chicken Grain-Free Recipe Dog Treats, Ultra Chewy 8″ Beef Marrow Bone, Hartman & Rose Prêt À Porter Collar, Bond & Co. Mahogany Leather Dog Leash, 5 ft., RH Oak & Iron Dog Bowl (no longer available, LOVE this one), RH Luxe Faux Fur Dog Bed (no longer available, check out this one), Archie & Oscar Ginny Pet Crate, Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

We don’t know a lot about Enzo’s beginnings, aside from the nightmare of being left alone in a house, but we do know he’s a 55 pound, 4 and a half years young mixed American Staffordshire Terrier (with a pinch of Taz, you know, the cartoon Tasmanian Devil). He makes rounds to all the doors and windows patrolling the perimeter on a regular basis (never mind the fact that we live in a very safe gated community). He fake sneezes when he is excited or frustrated. He LOVES laying in bed and will flatten out as much as possible in hopes that he won’t be called to get up. He can run faster and jump higher & farther than any Olympic gold medalist. And he is a very, very good boy.

You’ll see more of Enzo in future blog posts. I’d love to hear about your fur babies!

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