“The Aftermath”


Every day was off duty during quarantine, right? Since day 1 of working from home, I was on a mission to maintain a routine kick-started by coffee, morning skincare and getting dressed in anything but sweatpants. Speaking as someone who thrives on a routine, this wasn’t difficult at all. I also feel like I actually wake up when I get myself cleaned up and dressed, even if I’m not going anywhere. There have been weekends in my life where I don’t change out of my pajamas until noon, and while it’s nice to have lazy days, those are the times where I feel like I don’t fully wake up. We want to avoid that at all costs.

The concept of this post came from the one and only Rosie Huntington-Whitely and her fabulous OOTD Instagram posts, which are majorly inspiring if you ever happen to get into a fashion slump.


Click to see the full image! The sixth image in the magenta dress was a happy extra – I was making cocktails and taking photos for my signature gin & tonic blog post *yaaas* and it seemed like a good opportunity to share one more outfit.

If there’s a theme in any of my outfits, home or elsewhere, it’s layering. I get cold easily, so I’ll pair a long cardigan with a strappy maxi dress, or a blazer with thin blouses, and I ALWAYS have a scarf on hand. An extra article, that you may or may not end up wearing, will not only keep you warm, but also adds a bit of polish to what might have been a casual look.

So, I may not pull of these OOTD pictures as well as Rosie, but this is a fun way to share you favorite looks, particularly in a time where we were staying home as much as possible for our health and safety, unless for essential things. Sadly no one gives a crap about your outfit in the produce section of Publix.

What do you think of a seasonal OOTD post?! Raise your hand, or comment below!

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