Spring and Summer bring out the more colorful and lightweight pieces in your wardrobe. Unless you live in a hot climate like Florida, in which case you might not see a huge change in the pieces you reach for on a daily basis. Having lived in the Sunshine State for the greater part of my life, I distinguish between my ‘seasonal’ wardrobe picks based on prints, colors and styles, all while staying relatively lightweight to accommodate Florida’s eternal summer weather.

The staples I’m sharing aren’t ‘shorts’ or ‘flip flops’ – we’re taking a more sophisticated approach to style here. There’s a time and place for shorts and flip flips, just not on this blog post.

MAXI DRESSES & jumpsuits

These one-piece-wonders are among my go-to’s year-round (wow, that’s a lot of hyphens). In whimsical prints or paired with a statement sandal, you have on your hands the easiest way to get out the door fast while looking very put together. For that reason, maxi dresses & jumpsuits go first on my list of staples, because if you read no further, I know you’ll remember the next time you’re rushing out the door to work or a lunch meeting – ‘All I need is a jump suit and a great shoe’.

OVERSIZED ‘men’s style’ shirts

Whether it’s in cotton or linen, oxford or tunic, a great oversized men’s style shirt with denim is right up there with the classic white t-shirt & jeans duo. I’m particularly partial to a blue and white men’s style shirt, which is all thanks to my momma who jokes about her obsession with blue and white stripes, but it’s justified – it’s ALWAYS a good look french tucked into denim bottoms. You can buy an actual men’s shirt, or size up in a women’s style to achieve a casually refined look.


Shorts, pants and skirts – this style is so versatile! In colder months I pair a form-fitting long sleeve top with paperbag waist pants, but in the hotter months, sleeveless and short sleeve tops are the perfect addition to paperbag bottoms. If you get cold easily, carrying a lightweight cardigan or scarf is an easy (and sometimes much needed) addition to this outfit.


Nothing is better than a good statement jewelry piece, in my opinion, and no one does it quite like Lizzie Fortunato. But let’s be real – we can’t always splurge on a $365 necklace or $230 cuff, so they’re there, but I also included budget-friendly options, along with some other fun Spring/ Summer outfit add-ons.

NOTE: if you know me, you know I am handbag obsessed. If you don’t know me – hi, I’m handbag obsessed. I didn’t include any Spring/ Summer handbag options in this section, because the topic deserves a post of its own. It’s coming.

espadrille sandals

The appearance of espadrilles has evolved tremendously over the years. The term (in my opinion) is used loosely to describe a flat or heeled sandal or shoe with a solid sole made of esparto rope (or some variation thereof), with unlimited kinds of detail, like cotton, canvas, leather, and studs. I am positive anyone can find an espadrille-style shoe they love, considering the endless options nowadays.

These warm weather essentials detailed above are a solid foundation for your Spring and Summer wardrobe(s). Sometimes there are trends I get excited about, but for the most part I stick to classic styles and silhouettes with a modern twist, no matter the season.

Regarding budget, I am discriminating when it comes to where I put money. How do I decide on pricier pieces? If I consider something to be an investment piece –

  • something I can get wear out of over a few years (meaning it’s truly quality) or
  • bonus points for a piece that can be worn in multiple seasons throughout a year 

– then a piece will make it into my wardrobe. Of course, every once in a while I’ll sprinkle in a trend top or shoe, but I’ve learned from previous buyer’s remorse that impulse fashion buying is usually not wise. Think about your purchases before you make them; no one will fault you for that!

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s the importance of understanding your personal style. Having key, signature pieces and/ or silhouettes is important to any wardrobe. Maxi dresses, men’s style shirts, espadrille sandals and statement necklaces are a few of my fashion essentials. What are some of yours?

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