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I discovered oatmeal late in life. I didn’t start eating oatmeal until I grabbed some at Starbucks while traveling for work about 5 years ago, and after that pivotal breakfast, I think I had it every morning for a month straight. As a breakfast person, I welcome any way to get out of the house in the morning breakfast in hand, and I’m even happier that overnight oats are prepared the night before! There are loads of from scratch overnight oats recipes out there, but this makes breakfast a breeze with pre-portioned pouches – all you have to do is add milk!

I found Real Made/ Maker at Publix, but don’t fret if you can’t find their products in your local grocery store – they’re available on Amazon *cheering*! I have tried all 3 of Real Made’s flavors: Mulberry & Chia, Banana & Coffee and Apple & Coconut, and while they are all delicious, Mulberry & Chia is my go-to. They even make single-serving overnight oats in reusable glass containers, in case you don’t have one at home!

Maker was recently renamed to Real Made. The products available at my Publix, and photographed for this post, still say Maker, so keep that in mind if you’re looking in person!

You can add any kind of milk, and even experiment with your measurement, but 2/3 cup is recommended. I use Silk Original Soy Milk, and it makes perfect overnight oats every time. The instructions on the box are pretty cheeky, and the brand does recommend making these overnight so all the ingredients have time to hydrate, but if ‘Oops, you forgot‘ to prep the night before, you can even make these oats hot!

Whether you’re off to work, a busy momma, or simply a breakfast lover like me, I highly recommend trying Real Made’s overnight oats!

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