Do you remember when every Youtuber was posting What’s In My Bag videos regularly? Well I do, and I miss those days. Handbag, work bag, gym bag, you name it, people opened up about the essential and/ or completely random things they kept on them, and I think that’s how I developed a Mary Poppins bag state of mind. I would pay good money for Hermione Granger’s Undetectable Extension Charm so I could carry around whatever I want without being weighed down, but alas, we don’t live in a world as magical as the Wizarding one, so I’m left with a 50 pound (only kidding) handbag filled with all the things I feel I can’t leave the house without. Let’s talk about some of those things today, in case you need to be carrying them too.


I’m not going into detail on the normal things like keys, wallet and sunglasses, or the *new normal* things like face mask, gloves and hand sanitizer, but those are all things that hold permanent residency in my handbag. Other everyday things like mints and tissue are floating around in there too.


The obvious aside – my iPhone – I have quite a few tech-based things in my bag at all times. Wireless earbuds and a battery pack are absolute essentials of mine, but I also lug my iPad around because it has cellular capabilities! Should my phone AND battery pack both die (which has unfortunately happened before), or I’m working on something that requires a bigger screen, I have my iPad to save the day. To keep my screens clean, I keep a pack of well-kept Cleansing Towelettes hidden away.


I don’t carry loose change, but I do have every lucky heads up penny I’ve ever come across stowed in my wallet. You can also find every fortune cookie fortune I’ve ever pulled out of those mystical little vanilla cookies. In the same vein, I carry a mini Tarot card deck for when I need guidance or something to pass the time while I’m out and about, as well as a pocket-size crystal medicine bag for good energy. I was born in October, so I draw a parallel between these interests with my closeness to Halloween. I just love spooky sh*t.


I’m old fashioned when it comes to saving dates. I have tried so many times to transition over to iCalendar, but it never sticks, so I have an actual agenda + pencil/ pen in my bag. My agenda is housed in a leather cover from Barney’s, along with a few blank cards and stamps, because you never know when you might need to leave a note for someone or mail something quickly.


Just like my everyday makeup look, the contents of my makeup bag are ever-changing. Especially since the beginnings of COVID-19, I have changed the way I do my makeup and what I keep with me for touchups. Stashed away in a medium sized pouch, I have:

Free in my bag, you’ll find some sort of SPF – not for my face, but for my hands and arms. Living in the Sunshine State has a different ring when you think about how much damage occurs when unprotected skin is exposed to the harmful rays, especially when you’re driving, or worse, stuck in traffic. The Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops sadly caused an immediate breakout on my face, but do the trick for my hands and arms when I’m in the car!


I always have something to snack on in my bag, because 1) I get hangry, and it’s not pretty, and 2) low blood pressure is no joke, and having little bites to eat constantly helps. 2 packets of Sugar In The Raw are always floating around in my bag, because while I can do coffee sans milk, I HAVE to have sweetener. I also have a collapsible metal straw, because plastic straws are bad, and that concept is catching on so paper straws are catching on too, but unfortunately they fall apart after 2 sips, so I have my own, thank you very much.


I keep a multi-tool in my bag, because having pliers, scissors, flat and Phillips screwdrivers and more packed into one handheld tool is something you should never take for granted. I’m not a smoker, but I also keep a lighter in my bag, because you just never know when you might need one.


Sometimes, but not always, in my bag can be a water bottle (I always have a water bottle with me, so when I need to be hands free, I’ll throw it in my bag), an umbrella (because Florida), a scarf or wrap, a lint roller (because Enzo) and a WHOLE BUNCH of lip balms that I eventually sort through and take out. The not so pretty side of what might appear in my bag includes receipts, mail, papers from work, a roll of bags for disposing of Enzo’s ‘business’ and general trash that you accumulate throughout the week (I see you, gum wrapper).

What do you carry in your bag that I should probably also carry in mine? We can all see CLEARLY that I have no problem carrying a bunch of stuff around with me at all times, so let’s just keep adding to the list!

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