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Check out what I order from Amazon on repeat!


We are pretty much all Prime members here, right? Who isn’t these days. You can get just about anything delivered, often in 2 days or less, so the obsession is real and I’m sharing the some of the MANY items I have delivered to my doorstep, from the one and only Amazon.




  • Lightning charging cables: Let’s be honest – strictly plastic charging cables all fall apart, some faster than others. I started using nylon charging cables a few years ago and will never look back. Native Union in particular has great tech accessories!
  • Fujifilm Instax Square Film: I love instant film cameras! I have the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 and make sure I pack this whenever I’m traveling, or going to an event, to snap photos.
  • Screen protectors: I keep screen protectors on my iPhone and iPad at all times, because tech is the one thing I’m clumsiest with. I always order the matte finish because it hides fingerprints! This one for the iPhone comes in a 2 pack, and this one for the iPad comes in a 3 pack!

JUST for me

  • Disposable Silicone Spoolies: Spoolies serve so many purposes, like separating lashes, brushing up eyebrows, and my best tip: TAMING FLYAWAYS. One spritz of your favorite hairspray on a spoolie, comb over your flyaways, et voilà. Perfect hair without that fine layer of hairspray all over your bathroom.
  • Pack of 3 Eve Lom Muslin Cloths: Muslin cloths are great on the face, soaked in warm water, to just help you decompress. I also use them to take off face masks rather than splashing water all over the counter.
  • Fluffy Slippers: I have mostly tile floors throughout the house, so I always have something on my feet. These colorblock slippers are cute and comfy!


  • Shout Wipes: I can’t tell you how many times these wipes have come in handy. They have worked on any spill or stain I’ve used them on so I tell everyone about them, and have extras in my bag in case of emergency!
  • Books: Books are such a steal on Amazon. I order books for my house, like Giada’s latest cookbook My Recipes for La Dolce Vita, and for gifts, like this adorable Spritz Cocktail book with recipes.

Now that I have shared my can’t-live-withouts, what is in your Amazon cart on repeat?

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